XHTML – Quality Standards

Let’s begin with a question? If you answer we might go home early. Who here is developing content in HTML | XHTML | HTML 5? What are the slicing standards, qualities and guidelines? The aim of the article is to give you a solid foundation for the HTML | XHTML | HTML 5 standards, qualities and guidelines.

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Writing pages to the latest standard, brings you as close as “possible to perfection”. Good and structural markup in compliance with the rules of W3C is quite a challenge for web developers. Main advantages are Sustainability, Extensibility, Compatibility and Efficiency.

  • Understand document types
    Document type defines the rules of a version of XHTML or HTML. There are three doc types but we mostly use strict and transitional. Happy thing is that in HTML 5 we dont have any types.
  • Use a document type
    Declare the type you are using. As per doc type used we can check the validity of the document against its document type.
  • “If my Web site is made with the standards, it will be unexciting and I will lose customers.” @ Steve Jobs Defining that creating web site which respects the standards has nothing to do with generating text-only Web pages.
  • Quality is difficult to define, somehow intuited in presence of the work in which it is embodied. Quality is concerned with ideas not techniques, with simplicity not vacuity.

Quality, testing and proofing your code may initially appear with some errors. But the fact is other person find it less difficult internally more rewarding than expected.

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