Time spent by visitors on your website

Many of you have a question to find the time on which part users spent their time on your website. From a research they find out the exact figures and below is the information for you. Hope this may help you.

Visitors spent about 6.48 seconds focused on this most identifiable portion of a site.

Navigation menus:
Users spend almost as long (6.44 seconds) studying the menu on a webpage.

Search box:
This area kept visitors’ attention for more than 6 seconds.

Links to social utilities:
The fact that participants in the study focused on social-media icons for 5.95 seconds reveals just how important it is for your business to offer opportunities for customers to engage with your brand and other customers.

Primary image:
Visitors perused the main photo or graphic on the page for 5.94 seconds.

Written content:
This element took up 5.59 seconds of their time.
Bottom of the page:
That’s where users ended up, engaged for about 5.25 seconds in that location.

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