PSD to Newsletter

An email newsletter needs to be optimized coded for all major e-mail clients. Newsletters Conversion is completely different from websites conversion.

HTML Email Newsletter Coding

Convert PSD Designs to HTML Email Templates/Newsletters

So what are the differences then? Here they are:-

  • Maximum width should be 600px.
  • Should code in tables.
  • Inline styles, no external style sheet.
  • Use background color in td’s, background image wont work.
  • Make sure to write margins “0” for the tags which it take by default for example “p”
  • Writing style for image “display:block;” where it fixes the gap between image to image in gmail.
  • Reducing the cropping the block images in to parts.
  • If you send newsletter from any of the Microsoft outlook versions it never asks the receivers to download the images to see the newsletter.
  • This can be achieved by doing like this, open the HTML in Internet Explorer and Press (Alt + F) -> then E & P which opens compose email page in Outlook. Which by default integrated the HTML in to the source code.
  • Don’t prefer compose window shows the correct output, after sending the email go to send items and then check-it out that would be final.

Designing Studios PSD to Email conversion is very affordable and fast service. Most email clients support limited CSS functionality where they over write our css and apply browser CSS. Every email client has its own set of limitations for CSS. Hand made and works with lots of E-mail clients.

We at Designing Studios will help you in the design which they cannot be applied in Email Newsletters. We have highly experienced developers to give you 100% compliant HTML code for your newsletter.

For any queries, please reach us by Email or directly from our Contact us page by submitting the filled form.

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