All about PSD to HTML Conversion

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Today I would like to give you a brief description about PSD to HTML. What comes to your mind when you see this it’s all about “Converting a Photoshop (PSD) to Web Template (Html)” Is converting a PSD to Html is a tough job? What’s your answer YES or No? If you want to be good & need to get proficiency follows the below steps for each project which brings you a good reputation. If there is a good reputation you can get a good remuneration. Which automatically increases your sales & business in all the way “Success doesn’t lies anywhere; it lies in your hard work.”

  • Custom hand code
  • Commented code
  • Table less markup
  • SEO Semantic
  • Cross browser compatible
  • High Quality
  • Optimizing HTML, CSS & Images in file size
  • Prefer web compatible fonts
  • W3C compliant HTML & CSS
  • Reduce the usage of images

When you are good at all the above you can become an expert shortly in PSD to HTML Conversion. Let us come to pricing for PSD to HTML Conversion. We @ Designing Studios are in to conversion field from past 2006 and seen a wonderful growth these years exclusively on conversion. Do you believe that there are more than 200 companies in India exclusively working on Conversions and even ISO registered companies are part of these.

Some websites cost $200, $160$ etc… Just for homepage conversion does this cost really a reliable one? People think conversion job is really expensive just because of those who cost high. Of course it differs from one to one, company and to a freelancer. We say it dam sure that it’s NOT. Don’t think for $160 you get all. If we customize the options like Flexible, Header & Footer stretch Header & Footer sticky, IE6 Compatibility, Implementing rollovers, dropdown menu, Non-web fonts, Markup type, and Optimizing load speed etc… We may reach to $250 or $300 because they charge extra. I laugh at these when they are charging for commenting HTML & CSS and even on selecting markup type.

Does you all know that We @ Designing Studios do all the above just for 50$. Don’t be shocked its true and we are charging the same from past years. We get 98% repeated business from clients. Who tastes our services. We never disclosed to public about our pricing structure not only for PSD to HTML but also WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc… Without seeing the depth of the design and the requirements we are not willing to give price. But some websites costs fixed price for this. This is just like cheating people and gaining money. Why because we understand the standards & efforts we are going to spend on the work. An experienced person can know much about these and we have this. There are some situations we charged $10 for a homepage template. Why because it doesn’t take a 1/2 hr or an hour so to complete the job. Then why should we bill the client hundreds of dollars.

Especially due to this particular reason we never placed our prices to public. Do you know that people love to use the service who offers high price & fake websites. I dont know why. When you get the same from other for low price why can’t you go for another? This doesn’t mean go for a cheap provider who costs as much as low. The conclusion of the article is to think about a provider and who gives value to your money.

Do you want to try or give a change to us? We are always welcome reach us at, +91-9848608383 (India) +1-7067608383(US)

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