A better way to reach us Designing Studios

In the past & present days if we want to reach a company or individual via website to know about their services we used to send an email or submit online form or used to do live chat. But how about directly speaking with an customer service person with a just click of button? Don’t […]

How to develop fluid responsive websites

Fluid Responsive CSS-xHTML Optimization

Media Queries allow you to target your designs for multiple devices by assigning a different CSS file to each device. Choose the screen size range for each device class and the CSS file (new or existing) that you wish to apply to that device class. This technique will work in browsers that support CSS3 Media […]

Top PSD to HTML Conversion Service Provider

TOP 10 PSD to Any

PSD to Html Conversion is one of the very important tasks of any company. DesigningStudios is one of the best and prominent PSD to HTML Conversion service providers. They will provide high quality, professional coding & deliver browser compatible website. Their specialized team of best in services will dismiss all your worries, answer your questions, […]

PSD to Facebook Fan Page

PSD to HTML for Facebook, PSD TO XHTML | Facebook, Psd to html experts | Facebook, Facebook Fanpage Template, Code PSD to html FACEBOOK fan page

Social media has changed the way for users interact with brands and companies. Facebook Fan Page – An essential component for a successful business. Facebook Page is to build a closer relationship with your customers and clients. Facebook Fan Page gives you an wonderfull feature where we can have our own custom design using, we […]

Apps built in HTML5, will replace native apps soon

Web Applications Powered by HTML5, will replace native apps

Steve Jobs(Apple CEO) announced to public in a meeting that “There is no need of flash anymore, and it will be replace by HTML5″. With in a few months Adobe said that, it will dis-continue its supports in mobile and enable its features in using HTML5. And this is the time where HTML5 achieved media […]

Join webinar on HTML5 – it’s everywhere

Webinar Topic: HTML5 it’s everywhere – A must have for professional web designers and developers Webinar Description: HTML5 – A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML. Lots of things happened in 2011 that changed the face of programming, but the 1 big change is that HTML5 took over. HTML5 & CSS3 together gives […]

How to engage visitors for your website

Engage clients in volatile times, engage, attract, and understand customers

In this article, we discuss the ability how to engage website visitors they may be(users, members, customers, clients or who ever term you prefer) should be your top priority. What are the simple strategies for engaging your visitors. Engagement is all about maximizing the value of your website visitors in terms of design, development & content etc… […]

Best Web Design Award

Web hosting search - Best Web Design Award

Designing Studios has been recommended by Webhostingsearch as one of the Best Web Design on the internet for being an expert on a wide variety of web development services. As we know there are a lot of web design companies on the internet nowadays but few of those were best. It’s actually a tedious job […]

XHTML – Quality Standards

xhtml web, web xhtml, xhtml program

Let’s begin with a question? If you answer we might go home early. Who here is developing content in HTML | XHTML | HTML 5? What are the slicing standards, qualities and guidelines? The aim of the article is to give you a solid foundation for the HTML | XHTML | HTML 5 standards, qualities and guidelines. Writing […]

How to write Friendly Markup

PSD to HTML-PSD to XHTML/CSS-PSD to Wordpress

Helpful for front-end developers in enhancing their skills in CSS and markup Code Cleanliness Organize all code (HTML/CSS/JS) readable and efficient. Semantics Logical elements and class/ID names to be used. Validation Validate HTML & CSS source code with the W3C Markup Validation Service. 100% valid HTML isn’t necessary but thoroughness is encouraged. User Exerience Match […]