Mobile Website Designing & Development Techniques

A website goal is to have rich design, discover and engage with content of your site. Users expect great results deliver in a timely manner and wonderful content, with respective to viewing platform. A mobile website delivers a positive user experience.

Mobile Friendly Designing

Mobi Friendly Designing

Are you ready for a mobile based website? Below are the ips for your business:

  • Please make sure that your mobile website is accessible and renders properly on major devices like iPhone & Android.
  • Optimize images to load quickly. W3C states that a page with less than 20KB is good for mobile websites.
  • Avoid plugins like flash & dont use client side javascript for rendering data, as all mobile browsers are not java enabled.
  • Show contact information like phone number and email address at each page and allow users to click them which should redirect them to call or email with just a 1-click by using HTML5 tags.
  • If images and content loads properly on your website its a good sign to get a good impression from users point of view.
  • Links & buttons should be thumb friendly. Avoid elements that are too small to be clicked.
  • Focus on text, it should be visible without zooming. Show important information and features for mobile websites is very important.
  • Give better options to users for navigating the complete website that allow them to engage with your site.

Hope now you know how to make your site more mobile friendly. Every one is moving to mobile and it’s time to take action. Start mobile optimization along with desktop.

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