Known Issues – Internet Explorer

We know some people have problems with IE exclusively. This article is for them. To have an idea what are the minimal issues we get when we test our project in Internet Explorer.

We recommend that you follow the steps for your future references. So that you can know which is an issue by default. Some may not agree with my advice, but years of experience have shown this to be as best practice.

The Box Model
div#box {
width: 100px;
border: 2px solid black;
padding: 10px;
IE 6 will calculate the width of the box to be 100px.
Modern browsers will calculate the width of the box to be 124px.
This kind of discrepancy can cause HUGE layout problems. I even think the IE version makes a little bit more sense logically, but that is not how the spec was written. IE 6 can actually get it right if you are in standards-compliant mode, which is rare these days as just using an HTML 4.0 transitional doctype will trigger quirks mode and the box model problem.

The Double Margin Bug

No Min Widths / Min Height

No Hover States

No Alpha Transparent PNG Support

Inability to Have Elements with Small Heights

Auto Overflow and Relatively Positioned Items

Floated Layout Misbehaving

Space between List Items

Negative Margin Bug

An another reference link where it shows 188 bugs in IE7 for Windows:

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