Know the hidden POWER of FREELANCING

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Freelancers are all rounders. We have different skills for work, whether by designing, developing, managing, content writing, seo, business etc… As a result, the majority of our skills captured which is in the form of “freelance memory”: a combination of all the things which  a company can do. Having all these skills in one person is great isn’t it. However, most of freelancers dont know the “Hidden Power” inside them.

Mastering the New Freelance Economy is nothing but “Power Your Future”. Unleash the Power of Freelancing by Your-self’s. In freelancing you should be the early bird before someone takes the job. Because heavy competition is always a problem with freelancing.

Find your love: “I normally think about what really turns on. Maybe it’s something in your day job, even if you hate it, maybe there’s some element that you really love. Whatever those things are, those are the best things to build your business around because that is what will sustain you through the dips and failures that come with being an freelancer. Protect your day job. Take advantage of free technology. Grow your loyal followers. Stop planning and take action. Stay optimistic.

Freelance Super Power: “To be somebody, you must last.” I don’t have any superpower but staying power”. This should be your mantra. A freelancer manages:

  • On a call with a prospective client, we take the role of salesperson.
  • After the contract is sorted, we become researchers, combing through the client’s outdated website, looking at analytics and identifying breakdowns and room for improvement.
  • Maintain a company just by doing freelance jobs.
  • Have a capability to work with some more freelancer in his/her network. Nothing but employees in a company.
  • Act like a business manager by managing the business, building proposals, bidding on projects.
  • Holding a most careful job project manager by organizing work flow, transforming hours to work, achieving milestones, meetings with clients, other than playing a key role for a business i.e. delivery manager.
  • Giving designs for ideas, sketches and imagination acts like a web designer.
  • Develops the complete website by using basic skills what a freelancer have (Html, Xhtml, Css) takes a role of Web Developer.
  • Content Writer by adding readable cache words and captions to a banner. Some times content for all pages.
  • Writing page titles, description of the page, keywords, adding meta tags achieves SEO job role.
  • Hosting client websites, applications directly in server, knowledge in server configuration, migrating data is nothing but a admin manager does.
  • Freelance copywriter by registering logo, business name & content with copyright companies.
  • We create and update the brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Assume you all have these qualities, know the hidden POWER of you(freelancer) to Enhance Your Freelance Life. You do everything my dear friends(freelancer) hats-off to you. Don’t under estimate your-self’s you are all rounder isn’t it, and don’t be proud for having all these. Be as you like before. TALENT will always be raised & appreciated. Notice that “design” is mentioned only once in all of that work. We’re used to adapting and changing. And as the Web adapts and changes, Web designers follow suit.

We at DesigningStudios have skilled pool of professionals and we are proud to have them having all these skills in one person working as a full time employees, not as a freelancers but as a individual they are. What about you? What’s your freelancing super power? Lay them on me in the comment section below.

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