How to rate PSD to Html Conversion Service Provider

PSD to HTML and PSD to XHTML conversion service has grown more from web 2.0 birth. New technologies, skills, techniques are always in demand, at the same time professional coding service has taken its own position / demand and role in the market.

To find a reliable coder has become a big task for Web / UI / Freelance designers. At the same time there are bogus companies / freelancers who take money and never do their job. Designing a website is just a part for a website process. Design and Development combines and the result is a 100% website. Both have their own importance we should not neglect anything.

Client fight with designer to get the output how they need their website to be in terms of look and feel, creative, rich user interface, eye cache etc… and for designers its hard to look deep in to client mind how he need and its tough job of-course. How about development stage? some clients may not be technical or may have poor knowledge in programming. What ever developer gives they blindly follow. If they dont find out the things which went wrong, the whole website / application is lost with a poor coding standards.

We at Designing Studios are experts in conversion service from PSD / Image to Any. Today we would like to discuss in-front of all about the key points to check before you choose / consider a PSD to Html Conversion Service Provider. To make this process easy there are some websites called “” where you find list of service providers, with ratings, reviews by users, prices, turn around time and another website named “”. By taking in to consideration a rank / rating is given for PSD to Xhtml provider they are:

  • Code Cleanliness
  • Code Semantics
  • Code Validation
  • Match Original Design
  • Good Choice Points
  • Interactions
  • Modern Browser Support
  • Legacy Browser Support
  • Overall Project Size
  • Resource Optimization
  • Responsive Implementation

You may ask why to choose Designing Studios why because:
By over 5+ years of experience we have bagged 500+ projects in only Conversion portfolio. Rated “Best in PSD to Html” by Best Web Design Agencies and also Listed in “Top Rated” service provider by PSD to Html Companies. We are a team with hand over experience, having a passion & vision on conversion. Fixed costs, no hidden costs and surprises at last. Quick turnaround with minimum 8 Hours. High quality, browser compatible & pixel perfect. Are you looking for this service for your up-coming project then send an email to “” without any delay, we are happy to assist you. Please share your experience, comments and tips for a better WEB.

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