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Have you ever heard about fontsquirrel which converts your font in to four different font versions which were supported by all browsers. Need to be applied through CSS tag called font-face a CSS3 tag. This is nothing but making a non web compatible font to a web compatible font. Its great right? YES it is. What are the font formats it gives us:

  • TTF - Raw True Type file, designed to look good on-screen.
  • EOT - Supported by Internet Explorer.
  • WOFF- Cross-browser, web only font format that uses gzip compression. IE9+, FF3.6+, Chrome 5+
  • SVG - This is an XML format required by iOS devices before version 4.2.

We should thank the team @fontsquirrel for giving us such a wonderfull application and by this TYPOGRAPHY websites are growing more and more. Before if designer used a non web compatible font we used to make them as a image where we cannot edit the text but this cane be possible through font-face. There are some issues, bugs with fontsquirrel generator few of them that we observed are:

  • If we upload a licensed version font it wont converts and shows a dialog box “this font is blocked in our list”
  • It takes the font and gives the zip to download, and inside zip no converted fonts
  • It wont works some times and simply shows a message check the shot @

You don’t believe that this generator is used by 70% web developers. But if they see the above issues what would be the next solution to achieve this. Here we go what ever version font type you may have, convert from one type to another by using below websites. With just one upload, one website @fontsquirrel gives us this is an advantage.

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Hope that this article helps you for @font-face kit generator. Share your thoughts with us. We at DesigningStudios are experts in converting PSD to Html, Xhtml, CSS, Html5, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal by developing custom modules for your CMS Systems. For any queries email us or reach us we are happy to assist you.

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