Embed Microsoft Office and PDF documents using HTML5

Embed Microsoft Office and PDF documents in web is always concern. Generally we used to link doc or PDF to download for users. There is no option to see the document before they download. For example in gmail, when a email comes with some attachments we have a option to view them before download which automatically opens in google docs it may be of any document type.

In web we used to add PDF documents to show users who they are, what they did, portfolio, brochures etc… adding creative stuff & high clarity images. For web we have some conditions to follow, for documents designing there is no rules you can add anything you want to make it beautiful, present it in a better way then web giving an option to print without loosing quality. You may have experienced in your life, when you openĀ  a PDF browser automatically opens a new window to show it and we need Adobe Reader basic version installed in the system. If not it shows a button to download acrobat reader. If the PDF size is too heavy browser will struck and also browsing through it would be very slow.

embed documents using html5

Know lets go the point i.e. “How to embed MS-Office & PDF docs using HTML5” this is possible with “crocodoc.com”. Crocodoc converts Microsoft Office and PDF documents to HTML5 so your users can view and collaborate right in your web app. Crocodoc is trusted by top companies including “LinkedIn, Dropbox, SAP” etc. Advantages using crocodoc:

  • Easy integration within your web app
  • Fast, Crystal-clear Document Viewing
  • Advanced security & flexible deployment options
  • Easy to Integrate, Fully Customizable
  • Fully customizable look & feel
  • Trusted to Power Core Functionality
  • Mobile device support

Its easy to understand and use. Use “crocodoc.com” for your next project, users feel easy and attract them with a better presentation then others. For any questions, how to use, post a comment. We are happy to assist you.

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