Different ways to send money to INDIA

We have different methods to get work and clients pay for it. Most of the clients are from different countries all over the world. We get work & deliver work by emails, how about receiving money which cannot be received by emails. In INDIA we have different methods to receive money. This article is about how to send money to INDIA.

Many of us know paypal, and this is used all over the world so this is the major mode of receiving payment here is INDIA its SECURE at the same time charges were also HIGH. But, from past months RBI has passed some regulations to paypal. Once of the important step auto withdraw every day.

We would like to share some more companies who are offering the same service, few of them direct government services. They are:-

Westren Union & Moneygram both operates a same way

Fees are dead low, when compared WU & MG a product of Times Group India.

Process is same like WU, MG & TM but we have an option direct bank deposit from the payer.

Is also a good method a product of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

The best option among all others is Bank Wire Transfer is the safest way to transfer funds globally. We need to get the SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code) code from your bank. The payee can directly deposit money directly in our bank account from their bank.

All the above mentioned are safe, convenient, easy and quick way to send money to India.

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