Clients still need IE 6 Support

Web is moving so fast, when we are using HTML 5 & CSS3. How about the support in all the browsers? this issue will always burn when we go for IE exclusively and still clients need the markup an IE6 compatible. Just don’t shoot the client, this is an really a big task for web masters to make the client capable of understanding these new technologies evolved some might say “Keep calm and debug IE6″.

IE6 Issues| Ie6 Bugs

The markup we generally give is a web compatible in all major browsers, pixel-perfect giving up to 100% work. No matter what we we use css hacks or scripts its our pain and we fight with browsers to get the output as per the mockup. Some of the conversion service providers charge extra for IE6 compatibility. Still clients go to another professional who charges extra. Don’t know why? they need to question themselves. But we at Designing Studios gives for free. IE6 compatibility is included in all the orders we do and its default browser added on our check list and never opt to pay more to fully support older browsers.

We have huge advantages for using CSS3 besides adding javascript to support in IE7 & IE8. IE 9 supports CSS3 this is a good news for developers. As a programing person should have a responsibility to make ourselves to follow the principle of universality. In future is there a chance to ask pay for firefox as different, chrome as different? who opts to this? No.

It’s been a decade for HTML came in to rise and now Web is going to change HTML 5 / XHTML 5. Clients need to know these up gradations happened, if not we should explain them they will understand more from our words. Experience matters for IE6 bug fixing. At the same time extra work = cost. Grasp the benefit of modern Web technologies much more tangible for technologically unsavvy clients.

Websites are borned to kill IE6 like,, etc… developer know the pain on working with IE6 issues. You can see the browser statistics from w3schools IE6 usage is dropping down rapidly expect becomes 0% soon, that day ‘a developer‘ should have a party. Gigantic companies like google stated that they Stop IE6 Support in all the products BUT Microsoft says IE6 would die in 2014. Microsoft itself initiated a website requesting STOP using IE6.

“Save The Developers Upgrade Your Browser.” No more development days wasted to adapt a website for IE6, bug fixing for IE6. So less electricity for computers and lights, less petrol/gas oil for bikes/cars to go working, less CafĂ© too… ;-)

How about you? do you charge, take extra browser support in the pricing of your work? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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