CDR to Html

We all know about PSD to Html/Xhtml, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla etc… But how about Corel Draw to Html (CDR to Html). Who are not familiar with Photoshop, good at corel draw, experts in print media prefers corel draw. Corel Draw is preffered only if we want the output to be printed. For example visiting cards, brochure & Flyers but not website.

There are some software’s where it convertsĀ  Cdr To Html. But there are more dis-advantages then advantages. The most important thing to take care is about resolution. In cdr we take 300 as resolution but for a web we need 72 resolution. If we go for converters it saves in same resolution, resulting huge file sizes, non-browser compatibility issues and lots more…

In Corel Draw, we can import the file to different formats, But when we see the output it results in single layer if its a psd. If the layers are grouped in cdr when we export to illustrator it merges as one layer. And there is no 100% export option for cdr to any. Except PDF.

We at Designing Studios, are proficient in hand coding cdr to HTML conversion. First we design the complete cdr to website in Photoshop (PSD). We achieve by exporting each and every layer from cdr. Slightly you can observe there are some changes in color. Once design is finished we will show the output. Once its confirmed we go for conversion. We bagged huge clients who are in search of CDR to HTML conversion service providers.

Are you looking for this service, no problem you have reached a right spot. Shoot us an email with a description, we will come up with a quote in 8-24 hours. References can be provided only by email.

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