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Know the hidden POWER of FREELANCING

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Freelancers are all rounders. We have different skills for work, whether by designing, developing, managing, content writing, seo, business etc… As a result, the majority of our skills captured which is in the form of “freelance memory”: a combination of all the things which  a company can do. Having all these skills in one person […]

Writing better, efficient, structured, and hand written CSS

psd to css

For everything in this world there are some limitations, rules, guidelines etc… Like that we have for HTML & CSS too. A standard format and syntax that everyone understands. A developer, programmer, engineer should follow these and we do. Everyone will have their own style and its a god gift, know one can do same […]

Web Design New Guidelines for New Generation

We design for the best user experience that we need to keep it simple. Providing too much or even too little can alter that experience. A brand  company always study different tactics for simplifying, but also creative effective. Success came from making everything clearer to users. The primary focus is being user centric is most […]

Using non-web compatible fonts

At some day in a web developers life you will no doubt be asked to use a non-web compatible font as per the designer used while designing the website in photoshop which we doesn’t use any time. We generally use “Arial, tahoma, verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif, georgia, comic sans ms, times new roman, trebuchet ms etc…” […]

PSD to Newsletter

we convert your designs to high quality, fully tested HTML emails

An email newsletter needs to be optimized coded for all major e-mail clients. Newsletters Conversion is completely different from websites conversion. So what are the differences then? Here they are:- Maximum width should be 600px. Should code in tables. Inline styles, no external style sheet. Use background color in td’s, background image wont work. Make […]

CDR to Html

We all know about PSD to Html/Xhtml, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla etc… But how about Corel Draw to Html (CDR to Html). Who are not familiar with Photoshop, good at corel draw, experts in print media prefers corel draw. Corel Draw is preffered only if we want the output to be printed. For […]

Website Designing and Development Services, Hyderabad – India

Designing Studios Offers Complete Website Designing and Development Services for You We are a web agency dedicated to helping our clients in Web Designing and Development Services. We are passionate about the web, and we want clients who are excited about the possibilities to design and develop their business online. Here we are passionate about […]

How to fix font face issue in Android and Midori Browser

Hi Friends, @font-face was first proposed for CSS2 and has been implemented in Internet Explorer since version 5! However, their implementation relied on the proprietary Embedded Open Type (.eot) format, and no other browsers decided to use this format. With the release of Safari 3.1, however, website makers can use any licensed TrueType (.ttf) or […]

All about PSD to HTML Conversion

All about PSD to HTML Conversion

Hi friends, Today I would like to give you a brief description about PSD to HTML. What comes to your mind when you see this it’s all about “Converting a Photoshop (PSD) to Web Template (Html)” Is converting a PSD to Html is a tough job? What’s your answer YES or No? If you want […]



New technologies are developed to make things easier and simpler. With the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3 the website development has become quite easier. PSD to HTML5 conversion is required to convert a PSD design file into a markup language like HTML5. W3C or the world wide web consortium is a worldwide organization which provides […]