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Apps built in HTML5, will replace native apps soon

Web Applications Powered by HTML5, will replace native apps

Steve Jobs(Apple CEO) announced to public in a meeting that “There is no need of flash anymore, and it will be replace by HTML5″. With in a few months Adobe said that, it will dis-continue its supports in mobile and enable its features in using HTML5. And this is the time where HTML5 achieved media […]

Join webinar on HTML5 – it’s everywhere

Webinar Topic: HTML5 it’s everywhere – A must have for professional web designers and developers Webinar Description: HTML5 – A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML. Lots of things happened in 2011 that changed the face of programming, but the 1 big change is that HTML5 took over. HTML5 & CSS3 together gives […]

How to engage visitors for your website

Engage clients in volatile times, engage, attract, and understand customers

In this article, we discuss the ability how to engage website visitors they may be(users, members, customers, clients or who ever term you prefer) should be your top priority. What are the simple strategies for engaging your visitors. Engagement is all about maximizing the value of your website visitors in terms of design, development & content etc… […]

XHTML – Quality Standards

xhtml web, web xhtml, xhtml program

Let’s begin with a question? If you answer we might go home early. Who here is developing content in HTML | XHTML | HTML 5? What are the slicing standards, qualities and guidelines? The aim of the article is to give you a solid foundation for the HTML | XHTML | HTML 5 standards, qualities and guidelines. Writing […]

How to write Friendly Markup

PSD to HTML-PSD to XHTML/CSS-PSD to Wordpress

Helpful for front-end developers in enhancing their skills in CSS and markup Code Cleanliness Organize all code (HTML/CSS/JS) readable and efficient. Semantics Logical elements and class/ID names to be used. Validation Validate HTML & CSS source code with the W3C Markup Validation Service. 100% valid HTML isn’t necessary but thoroughness is encouraged. User Exerience Match […]

Mockup to Markup

psd to html markup language

Starting with mockups as markup makes it hard to be creative. It binds implementation aspect of the design and explore creative avenues. Your mockup may be in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Indesign, TIFF, JPEG or GIF any format we convert the mockup to markup language i.e. HTML/XHTML/HTML5. We develop a gorgeous markups for your business and […]

Clients still need IE 6 Support

compatability | browser issues

Web is moving so fast, when we are using HTML 5 & CSS3. How about the support in all the browsers? this issue will always burn when we go for IE exclusively and still clients need the markup an IE6 compatible. Just don’t shoot the client, this is an really a big task for web […]

Best in PSD To HTML

Awaerded, Rated, Ranked, Winner - Best in PSD to HTML

We are happy to share a good news for you, whats that? are you crazy to know whats that… Designing Studios has been ranked at 8th Place in “Best in PSD To HTML” by for November 2011. We thank all your customers, clients and for all the people who are behind for the achievement […]

Font Face Generator

Have you ever heard about fontsquirrel which converts your font in to four different font versions which were supported by all browsers. Need to be applied through CSS tag called font-face a CSS3 tag. This is nothing but making a non web compatible font to a web compatible font. Its great right? YES it is. […]

CSS Grid System

grid system, css frame work, css bule print

What is a CSS Grid System? Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of some pixels. There are some variants like 12 and 16 columns etc… Beyond a certain point it uses media queries to serve up a mobile version, which essentially stacks […]