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How to rate PSD to Html Conversion Service Provider

PSD to HTML and PSD to XHTML conversion service has grown more from web 2.0 birth. New technologies, skills, techniques are always in demand, at the same time professional coding service has taken its own position / demand and role in the market. To find a reliable coder has become a big task for Web […]

Embed Microsoft Office and PDF documents using HTML5

documents embedding in web

Embed Microsoft Office and PDF documents in web is always concern. Generally we used to link doc or PDF to download for users. There is no option to see the document before they download. For example in gmail, when a email comes with some attachments we have a option to view them before download which […]

10 Mobile Best Practices

Mobile Best Techniques

For a Better Business: 1. Keep it Quick Mobile users are often short on time, squeezing in online tasks as they go about their day. To help them, design your site to load fast and make copy easy to scan. Prioritize the content and features that mobile users need most. Use your desktop site analytics […]

Mobile Website Designing & Development Techniques

Mobi Design and Development

A website goal is to have rich design, discover and engage with content of your site. Users expect great results deliver in a timely manner and wonderful content, with respective to viewing platform. A mobile website delivers a positive user experience. Are you ready for a mobile based website? Below are the ips for your […]

Design layouts for touch screen’s and finger friendly design

Web is changed and the usage of internet is growing day by day. We all well known about user friendly designs for web, but how about mobile friendly designs, taking care of touch screen devices? Smaller the screen dimensions its hard to design. When you are designing for mobiles its better to make your click […]

Designing Studios turns your psd/design in to code

YOU Design WE Code

You have the design for a website ready in-front of you, but don’t have the time to develop it? Checkout DesigningStudios its for you kind of people, which turns your designs in to XHTML/CSS. Its an old start-up company established in 2006 and came into existence in 2009. You send the design to them, it […]

Reasons behind PSD to ANY Conversion

Reasons Behind Conversion

Web design involves properly organizing and presenting a rich look to website “Its not just the way it appears but also the way it operates” using a lot of technologies like photoshop, graphics, arts etc… By having DesigningStudios in your conversion service providers list web designer have an option not to worry about the MARKUP […]

How to develop fluid responsive websites

Fluid Responsive CSS-xHTML Optimization

Media Queries allow you to target your designs for multiple devices by assigning a different CSS file to each device. Choose the screen size range for each device class and the CSS file (new or existing) that you wish to apply to that device class. This technique will work in browsers that support CSS3 Media […]

Top PSD to HTML Conversion Service Provider

TOP 10 PSD to Any

PSD to Html Conversion is one of the very important tasks of any company. DesigningStudios is one of the best and prominent PSD to HTML Conversion service providers. They will provide high quality, professional coding & deliver browser compatible website. Their specialized team of best in services will dismiss all your worries, answer your questions, […]

PSD to Facebook Fan Page

PSD to HTML for Facebook, PSD TO XHTML | Facebook, Psd to html experts | Facebook, Facebook Fanpage Template, Code PSD to html FACEBOOK fan page

Social media has changed the way for users interact with brands and companies. Facebook Fan Page – An essential component for a successful business. Facebook Page is to build a closer relationship with your customers and clients. Facebook Fan Page gives you an wonderfull feature where we can have our own custom design using, we […]