Apps built in HTML5, will replace native apps soon

Steve Jobs(Apple CEO) announced to public in a meeting that “There is no need of flash anymore, and it will be replace by HTML5″. With in a few months Adobe said that, it will dis-continue its supports in mobile and enable its features in using HTML5. And this is the time where HTML5 achieved media attention, and reached all technologies. Html lovers started using HTML5, even though its not fully completed and experts were saying the working draft may complete by 2022. But this has not stopped for using HTML5.

Web Applications Powered by HTML5, will replace native apps

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HTML5 – The Future of Web Based Apps. Everyone was moving to native apps(apple, andriod etc…). Html5 have replaced usage of native apps and its raised the power of apps. Interrupting the app market. With HTML5 we can build web & mobile based apps as rich as design & functional.

Cut the rope a game developed in HTML5 for web based, its as rich as native apps, its so smooth & clear as well as in iPhone browser too. Built based on JavaScript. HTML5 balancing native apps deployment. Its cheaper to make, develop once, it can run/compatible in multi platforms.

There were news that “HTML5 will replace native apps, but it will take longer time than you think”. Cut the rope app is an better example which braked this statement. HTML5 – The Future of Enterprise Mobile Apps. HTML5 make the web as rich and interactive as native apps. HTML5 is the next step & generation after the app model. Online advertising will also be changed with HTML5.

Market experts questing “How HTML5 Will Take Over?” Native apps have advantages than HTML5. But the technology is improving. Top sites started using HTML5 like Google & Apple. HTML5 really exiting. Start using HTML5 for your next project. Its time to get excited.

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